Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Victory Day

PigletCiamek, yet another excellent builder from Poland, has built a cemetery for Soviet soldiers who were killed while fighting occupying German troops in Poland near the end of WWII - complete with a rusty T-34 perched on a monument - to commemorate the 65th celebration of Victory Day, which was observed this past Sunday on May 9 to mark the unconditional surrender of the German military and the end of the Third Reich. Similar to Victory in Europe Day (VE Day for short) that's observed in the West on May 8, Victory Day is observed in the East (albeit a day later, as the German surrender took place May 9 Moscow time), and is celebrated each day with the Victory Day Parade in Moscow.

My favorite part of the diorama itself is the former Soviet soldier in a wheelchair paying tribute to his fallen comrades, and the tilted part of the monument that the T-34 rests on is also an exceptionally nice detail.

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