Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Dr. Spontaneous

I was just looking through the LEGO Military group pool on flickr to see if I had missed anything, and was pleasantly surprised to discover a talented builder that I haven't heard of who goes by Dr. Spontaneous, so I'll be blogging a couple of fantastic vehicles that he posted a few days ago.

First up is the VDS Medium Adaptable Artillery Truck (which is apparently based on an older creation of his), complete with
stabilizing support struts:

Of equal note is his VDS Advanced Infantry Fighting Vehicle, which sports an anti-RPG cage and room for three dismounts:

It's not often that builders are able to incorporate working features and an interior into creations while still keeping them compact enough to be able to pass for being minifig scale, and Dr. Spontaneous has done both with flying colors. Keep it up!